I tried something new…

I tried something new…

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Animation websites and MonsterMom

Here are a bunch of animation websites that talk about our movie!

Awesome Robo

It’s Art Mag


tell us if you find out more!

Monster Mom is on the Vimeo Staff pics!!!
Super Cool!

Monster Mom is on the Vimeo Staff pics!!!

Super Cool!

Corto in Bra official selection

Monster mom will be screened saturday 30 July at Corto in Bra.

in the beautyfull city of Bra in Italy

check it out!


Monstermom at Cartoons on the Bay 2012

Monstermom has been officially selected in the 2012 edition of Cartoons on the Bay


First Screening! Prima Proiezione!

Monster Mom, and the others great graduation shorts of CSC (La danza del piccolo ragno, Tribal Punk, Nana Bobò) will be screened at the piemonte movie festival!

The screening will be on february, friday 3 - at 17.00 o’clock
la Sala Il Movie - Cineporto - Via Cagliari 42, Turin, Italy.

for info: www.piemontemovie.com

La danza del piccolo ragno, Tribal Punk, Nana Bobò e Monster Mom sono stati selezionati dal concorso cortometraggi “TOO SHORT TO WAIT - SPAZIO PIEMONTE 2012” che prevede la proiezione di 160 corti in 6 giorni.

I cortometraggi saranno in proiezione venerdì 3 febbraio alle ore 17.00 presso la Sala Il Movie - Cineporto - Via Cagliari 42 a Torino. Ingresso 4 euro.

Il programma completo sul sito www.piemontemovie.com

Monster mom Backstage

From video board to final render

As promised longtime ago here we have a post with some action.

The last night I found some time to edit a short video with the different work phases, from the video board drawn with Flash, to the 3D layout and to the final render. (Actually, this is just an excuse to share with you some finished animated scenes because the movie is coming out really awesome!!!)

We actually finished the production just a few days ago and we are waiting to finish the color correction, so we’ll have a trailer very very soon!

Phew! finally we found some time to post something new in the blog!

Here we have the main characters in 3D, Fully textured and rendered. Preety cool uh?
We started the tests on the VFX animations, we have this amazing music video has a reference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jm_XM0jvwks
with the help of our 2D animators we hope to gain something similar. 

This week we finally found some time for our render tests, and we really like the final result. I think we need to work a little bit with the shadow material to gather a more “toon” effect, but we are quite there!

I Want to thank the “Meet Buck” animation short team for all the great tips and advices about the rendering and the passes workflow! Thankyou guys, you rock!

soon we’ll post some 3D turnaround of the characters, as soon as we finish the texturing and some weight map issues.

bye bye!